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People's Press Indy
A brand new, collaborative, democratic media source for Indianapolis and beyond
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A brand new, collaborative, democratic media source for Indianapolis and beyond

Sundown Towns in the Hoosier State: What Can Be Done?

Madison is a city in Jefferson County, Indiana. It is situated along the Ohio River on the Indiana-Kentucky border. The town of over 10,000 is picturesque, quaint, its downtown a National Historic Landmark District. It’s also known for its pristine waterfalls, found nearby at Cliffty Falls State Park. This was the location of an anti-KKK […]

Indiana’s Eugenics History Has Disturbing Connections to the Present

By Jeff Turner We live in very dangerous times. The electorate is almost evenly split between the supporters of our current President, who has brought out the worst aspects of humanity in many of his unwavering supporters, and those who stand in opposition, “the Resistance” as they sometimes refer to themselves. The partisan divide has […]

South Bend’s Mayor Pete: Could He Win?

By Jeff Turner Twenty-five candidates are vying for the Democratic Presidential nomination, hoping for the chance to potentially unseat President Donald J. Trump. Former Vice President Joe Biden has been the clear front runner for most of the race, though many gaffes on the campaign trail and a lackluster debate performance in June have caused […]

Eva Kor: From Pain and Loss to Forgiveness

By Joe Brown (edited by Jeff Turner) Eva Mozes Kor, who died today at the age of eighty-five in Krakow, Poland, did more in one life than most ever will. She was an inspiration for her ability to overcome so many tragic events. She told a very painful, personal story to millions. Hers was one […]

“Close the Camps” Protest Held Downtown,Dozens Attend

Protestors held a rally outside the downtown office of Senator Todd Young this afternoon in Indianapolis, part of a nationwide campaign organized by The aim of these events was to protest the immigration policies of the Trump Administration, namely the migrant detention facilities. Dozens showed up for today’s event, which lasted for roughly an […]

Cathedral High School Fires Gay Teacher

Cathedral High School’s Board of Directors is under fire after the firing of a gay teacher in a same-sex marriage in order to remain in the Indianapolis Archdiocese. The move comes just days after Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School was removed from the Archdiocese for refusing to fire a teacher in a married same-sex relationship. In […]

Belle Gunness: The Black Widow of LaPorte

“Personal—Comely widow who owns a large farm in one of the largest districts in La Porte County, Indiana, desires to make the acquaintance of a gentleman equally well provided, with view of joining fortunes. No replies by letter considered unless sender is willing to follow answer with personal visit. Triflers need not apply.” With this […]

Indy Pride Festival and March Draw Huge Crowds

By Jeff Turner Thousands attended this year’s Indy Pride Parade and Festival on Saturday. The Parade took place along Massachusetts Avenue, the Festival in Military Park downtown. The annual Indianapolis festival is the state’s largest gathering for the LGBT community, featuring live music, drag performances, vendors, activities, and more. “I come to Pride every year, […]

D-Day: 75 Years Later

By Jeff Turner and J. M. Whitt This Thursday is the 75th Anniversary of D-Day, the Allied Invasion of Normandy during World War II. On this day in 1944, tens of thousands of Allied soldiers from the U.S., Canada, Great Britain, and Australia risked their lives storming the beaches of Normandy in an attempt to […]

The Question of Impeachment in a Red State

It’s happened only twice in this country’s history, impeachment of a sitting President. The first was Andrew Johnson back in the 19th century. The second was Bill Clinton in the 1990’s as a result of the Monica Lewinsky scandal (Nixon resigned before he could be impeached). Neither was ever convicted by the two-thirds of the […]