One Year Old’s Death on Indy’s East Side Sparks Outcry against Gun Violence

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A one year old girl became the latest victim of gun violence in Indianapolis. In the early morning hours of Thursday March 29th, an as yet unidentified suspect fired several shots into a house on Indianapolis’ East side. An unnamed woman was shot in the shoulder, and was reported to be in good condition at Eskenazi Hospital. There were nine people in the house, including the one year old who was killed. It is believed that the shooting was the result of a fight on social media, which escalated into an argument on the phone, culminating into the tragic shooting at 3527 Wittfield Street.

At a press conference today at Francis Bellamy School 102, Mayor Hogsett gave a passionate speech decrying the senseless death. “A one year old cannot stand on their own, much less defend themselves. We can stand against gun violence,” said Hogsett, whose frustration was clearly evident. He cited Robert Kennedy’s 1968 speech in Indianapolis after Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination, the parallels fairly obvious. “Whomever did this will face the full weight of the IMPD, prosecutor’s office, and law enforcement,” Hogsett added. He cited that what he feared most about this shooting death was not being the actions of evil men, but “the inaction of good men and women,” before calling for addressing the epidemic of gun violence in Indianapolis.

IMPD Chief Bryan Roach spoke next, providing more information about the crime, adding that he was “confident we will bring the person to justice.”
Anthony Beverly of Stop the Violence Indianapolis gave an equally rousing speech. “A one year old baby, a one year old child. Think about that. A defenseless one year old child has lost their life today due to senseless gun violence. Senseless gun violence must stop. There are too many people living off street codes that have no value to our community,” said Beverly, adding: “The hardest criminal…is looking for someone to speak life into them. Step up and do that.”

Both the Mayor and Beverly’s remarks implored people to stand up to gun violence, calling for the city to unite after this tragic death.
After the press conference concluded, a man on the scene had a very aggressive outburst, decrying the one year old’s death as well as those of others resulting from gun violence. He was escorted out by people on the scene, largely without incident. But his outburst goes to show just how angry and frustrated people have become due to a failure to effectively address gun violence. And while the Mayor and Beverly’s remarks were powerful and evocative, no real comprehensive solutions were actually proposed. But this incident could serve as a rallying cry for more comprehensive solutions to be enacted to combat the illegal possession of firearms that results in tragedies such as this one.

As of this writing, the suspect is still at large.

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