dear Gemini (Perspective: Living with Bipolar Disorder)

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dear Gemini,

some people say

that you are two faced,

but I disagree.

I say you experience life

in duality.

I say you walk on the edge

of a two-sided coin,

and at any point

it can flip either way.

sometimes you’re heads

and sometimes you’re tails

and you don’t have much say

over which way it goes.

dear Gemini,

I feel for you

because I’m bipolar too,

and I don’t mean that in a descriptive way

it’s something that I live with every day

too often, I hear people say

“oh, the weather is so bipolar”.

but Gemini, our mood disorder

is not their word to use.

They don’t get to say that

Because they don’t know how it feels

to have their moods shift

like the seasons.

Dear Gemini,

The depression that bogs you down

and the mania that sends you soaring

are the forces of your life

that push

and pull you.

they are as inevitable

as the tides of the ocean.

and Gemini, when the tide is high

it feels like you’re swimming in magic,

like you’re the only one around

who can breathe underwater.

and low tide? well…

low tide feels more like

sinking in quicksand.

and I know the former sounds preferable

but really, you’re drowning either way.

dear Gemini,

the polar opposition

of the feelings you feel

is not wrong

or your fault.

seeing the world

through a two-sided lens

has taught you so much.

It’s made you who you are,

And if who you are is two-faced,

I say wear both of your faces with pride.


I know it’s not easy

to be this way

but it’s okay,

you made it here today

and if you are open

With yourself, and with others

You will learn from yourself

And others

will learn from you.

Author: Sloan Marshall

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