Indiana-Based College Abruptly Closes

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By Jeff Turner

Harrison College officially closed its doors on Sunday after 116 years. On Friday September 14th, the college put out a press release.

“After 116 years serving Indiana, Ohio, and North Carolina, Harrison College has made the difficult decision to close operations, effective Sunday September 16, 2018, and for the Chef’s Academy Sunday October 14, 2018. We are working with transfer and teach-out partners including State governing bodies and our accreditors to ensure each student has a pathway to complete their education,” the statement read, in part.

It goes on to say that Harrison College’s “preferred transfer institution within Indiana is National American University.”

No explanations were given in the press release for the closing, though its abrupt nature has caught both students and educators completely off guard, as the Fall Semester was soon set to start.

“I was shocked and disappointed,” said an incoming Harrison College student, who asked to remain anonymous. “It seemed to be so unexpected for a school that’s been around for (over) 100 years.”

When asked how the closing affected her in regards to her educational goals, she said “I’m hopeful that I can still meet my future goals. I met with a couple people from the school working to transition students so they could have a future so I’m very hopeful of that…My plan is to see if they (other schools) are able to get approval (to take in future Harrison College students).”

Harrison College was a for-profit school founded in 1902 in Marion, Indiana. According to an Indianapolis Star article, the school cited declining enrollment and financial woes as the main reasons behind the school’s rather abrupt closing of all its facilities in Indiana, Ohio, and North Carolina.

WTHR reported that since Harrison College is a for-profit institution, its credits do not usually transfer to other universities and colleges, which makes the situation for many students all the more difficult.

Former teachers and staff were also, according to multiple sources, given the unfortunate news that they are soon slated to lose their healthcare coverage.

As of this writing, Harrison College officials have not made a statement in regards to the specific reasons for their abrupt decision to shut down all their campuses.

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