“They Are All Winners Today”

Posted on: May 3, 2019, by :

By JM Whitt (undercover writer)

The first Zionsville Junior Special Olympics, in partnership with Unified Special Services and and Zionsville Community Schools, held their games this morning in front of students and local members of the community. Amidst the cheering, laughter, and smiling faces, there were also tears of joy on many parents’ and educators’ faces.

The events held were track and field related, such as running relay races and throwing for distance. One parent expressed that their child enjoyed the training in preparation, as well building confidence with their peers. One of the parents stated that they were having fun, “may be a little bit tired now.”

It was an all-morning event. In attendance was superintendent of schools Scott Robinson, many teachers, and volunteers. One volunteer mentioned that all of the kids were “really excited and it was great that all of them could participate.”

Director of Special Education Casey Allen said “we will do this every year and (we) hope to build on this event. It gives all children the opportunity to participate in this partnership of Unified Special Services and the Junior Olympics program.”

There was an awards ceremony, medals and ribbons handed out as the spokesperson announced everyone’s name. They are all winners today.

As one parent put it: “Can’t wait until next year!” GO TEAM!

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