Indiana KKK Chapter to Rally in Dayton, Protest Planned

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The Honorable Sacred Knights, a chapter of the Ku Klux Klan, at a rally in Madison, IN last September.

By Jeff Turner

The Honorable Sacred Knights, a branch of the Ku Klux Klan from Madison, Indiana, will be holding a rally in Dayton, Ohio Saturday May 25th, one that has prompted activist groups from Indiana and Ohio to hold a protest. The same Klan group held a “Kookout” in Madison last September. That rally drew over three hundred protestors to the small Indiana town, where the Sacred Knights hold annual rallies.

So why is the group holding this particular rally in Dayton? Apparently, the group couldn’t get permission to hold their rally in Fort Wayne as they intended, according to an event organizer. Why they did not opt for another Indiana city remains unknown.

“The message is clear,” said Kathleen Robertson of Refuse Fascism Indiana, who helped coordinate the protest. “The KKK is not welcome anywhere… The racist views and venom that they spew should not be allowed anywhere.”

She said that she only expects a small number of Klanspeople to show up, 17-20 at most. “I would like ten of us (protestors) for every one of them,” she added.

Other groups expected to be in attendance are Black Lives Matter, Democratic Socialists of America, Indivisible, Answer Indiana, and many more. When asked how protestors should react when faced with Klanspeople at this rally, Robertson said: “Do not engage, stay on message, that there is no room for racism here.”

Event organizers are hoping for a strong showing, both from the incensed community of Dayton where the rally is being held, and by Hoosiers who are opposed to this group coming from Indiana, given the KKK’s long history of racism in the state.

The protest starts at 1:00pm ET in Courthouse Square. The event can also be found on Facebook, Ohio Riot: Beat the KKK.

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