Indy Pride Festival and March Draw Huge Crowds

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By Jeff Turner

Thousands attended this year’s Indy Pride Parade and Festival on Saturday. The Parade took place along Massachusetts Avenue, the Festival in Military Park downtown. The annual Indianapolis festival is the state’s largest gathering for the LGBT community, featuring live music, drag performances, vendors, activities, and more.

“I come to Pride every year, because of the festivities, as well as all the love everyone has for each other,” said Grant Bowen, an Indianapolis resident who attended Indy Pride 2019, as well as previous ones. He went on to add: “I feel festivals like (Pride) let people put their differences aside and just love one another.”

He spoke of one thing he saw at the festival that stood out to him the most. “I saw a few people who were doing the whole ‘God hates the gay community’ and ‘the flames will consume you.’ But then I saw a few people who had signs like ‘I’m a Christian but I love and support you,’. “ Bowen said. “Instead of berating the LGBT community, they were giving everyone hugs.”

Others had similar reactions to Pride 2019.

“It was amazing,” said Kim Saylor, an Indianapolis activist, describing her experience at Indy Pride. When asked what she liked the most about it, she said: “The loving community and how it’s the one place, one day, and one time of the year I am free to completely and unabashedly be myself. I am free and I am me.”

The month of June was selected as Pride month to commemorate the Stonewall riots, which took place fifty years ago now. And while the current occupant of the White House seems to have not made LGBT rights a priority, and taken an outright hostile stance towards the transgender community, festivals like Indy Pride took place all across the country.

“The Love at Pride is real,” Saylor said, one of her reasons for attending the festival.

And it would appear a great many Hoosiers agree.

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