“Close the Camps” Protest Held Downtown,Dozens Attend

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A boy being held in a migrant detention facility, the very practice being protested today.

Protestors held a rally outside the downtown office of Senator Todd Young this afternoon in Indianapolis, part of a nationwide campaign organized by MoveOn.org. The aim of these events was to protest the immigration policies of the Trump Administration, namely the migrant detention facilities. Dozens showed up for today’s event, which lasted for roughly an hour.

“(We are) here to protest children being detained in these camps,” said Christina Smallidge, who led the rally, speaking to the press. “(There is) no reason for this policy, separating children from their families.” She went on to describe the policy as “cruelty.”

The protest also drew onlookers from the streets who decided to join in.

“I’d like to see everyone taken care of, not see people taken away from their families,” said Bradley Hayes, of Local 20, an Indianapolis Union, who was in the vicinity of the rally with a fellow union member. The both voiced their strong opposition to the policies of the current Administration.

Republicans in Congress have put up little resistance to the policies of the Trump Administration, aside from occasionally being critical of some of the President’s more incendiary rhetoric. Whether this rally would actually affect the way the Senator will respond to the controversy surrounding surrounding the migrant detention facilities seems unlikely. Young has been a staunch supporter of the President. And being from Indiana, a state that Trump carried by double digits in 2016, it is unlikely he would openly oppose this administration. The same could be said of most Republicans in Congress.

Despite the President signing an executive order in June 2018 ending the zero tolerance family separation policy, over seven hundred families have been separated due to “loopholes,” according to the New York Times. Thousands remain housed in the detention facilities, which have come under fire for not providing essential amenities for migrants and migrant children, such as soap and toothbrushes.

“Please don’t look away…be someone against the abuse of minors and infants by this administration,” Smallidge also said.

As of this writing, Senator Young’s office has not issued a statement in regards to the protest.

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