Author: Mary Ann Felt

Artist. Water Protector. Peacemaker–See Her at The Murat Theater

Raye Zaragoza: Artist. Water Protector. Peacemaker. July 24th singer/songwriter and activist Raye Zaragoza will perform at The Murat Theater as part of her cross-country tour with Dispatch and Nahko and Medicine for the People.   (Photo Credit: TERRY BRUCE HERRING) Music:  Singer-songwriter/Folk/Indie By Amy Foxworthy “Raye has been deemed as a voice for young women from […]

The Tragedy in Puerto Rico and Other Things People Aren’t Paying Enough Attention To

By Amy Foxworthy Hurricane Maria Demolished Puerto Rico 8 Months Ago and Everything There is Still Terrible A Harvard study released Tuesday estimated that at least 4,645 people are dead as a result of Hurricane Maria, yet the official death toll was only reported as 64.  For comparison, 1,833 Americans died when Hurricane Katrina struck […]

What The Heck Are Primaries, and Why Should I Care?

By Amy Foxworthy You may already know that Indiana’s primary election will take place on Tuesday, May 8th, but you may be unsure of what exactly a primary is or why it matters.  A primary election is an election used either to narrow the field of candidates for a given elective office or to determine […]

The GOP 2018 Indiana Senate Primary: Who Will Prevail?

            By Jeff Turner Indiana’s November Senate race may well be one of the most important in the nation in the Democrat’s quest to gain control of the U.S. Senate. The Senate currently stands at 51 Republicans, 47 Democrats, and 2 Independents who caucus with Democrats. Democrats would need to […]

Earth Day Indiana Festival 2018: Raising Awareness of Environmental Issues

By Jeff Turner The Hoosier Environmental Council hosted the 2018 Earth Day Indiana Festival Saturday at Historic Military Park at White River State Park. The event featured live music, local food vendors, kid’s activities, a 5K run/walk, and over 125 exhibitors. People of all ages were present, all sharing a common interest in safeguarding the […]

Indy Day of Action: The Fight Against IPL’s Proposed Rate Increases

By Jeff Turner The Sierra Club hosted the Indy Day of Action Saturday at the Indianapolis Interfaith Church. The subject of the event was the proposed rate increases by Indianapolis Power and Light (IPL), which services most of Marion County. Due to the weather the event was largely held inside and included phone banking and […]

America’s Ongoing Obsession with Controlling Your Uterus: The Saga Continues

By Amy Foxworthy Forty-Five years ago, the nation’s highest court determined that a state cannot ban abortion before viability, or, the point at which a fetus can live outside of the womb, and that states cannot enact restrictions that create an “undue burden” on a woman seeking an abortion. This “undue burden” standard was decided […]

Indiana Fails Miserably for Women and Families; Ranks Among Worst States In New Study

By Amy Foxworthy If my children were to bring home a report card that looked like this: D, C-, D, D+, D+, F, we would at the very least sit down and have a talk. Changes would be discussed and implemented; punishments may even be enacted.  I would hire tutors; I would spend time wondering […]

Washington is The Latest State to Ban Gay Conversion Therapy for LGBTQ Children

By Amy Foxworthy Washington just became the latest state to ban the abusive practice of conversion therapy for LGBTQ minors. This means, no licensed healthcare provider can perform conversion therapy on anyone under 18 without legal consequence.  Ten other states and the District of Columbia currently offer some sort of similar protections. Maryland passed a […]

For Yet Another Year, Indiana Does Not Feel That A Hate Crime Law is Justified.

By Mary Ann Felt Thanks to Indiana Senate Republicans and social conservative lobbying groups, another year will pass without a hate crime law in our state.  Indiana is currently one of only FIVE states in the country without any form of hate crime law on the books.  Only five states out of 50 and the […]