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A brand new, collaborative, democratic media source for Indianapolis and beyond
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A brand new, collaborative, democratic media source for Indianapolis and beyond

Indiana’s Jim Jones: Lessons from the Past

By Jeff Turner Everyone, most everyone, in the United States has heard of Jim Jones. Jones was the infamous, megalomaniacal cult leader whose People’s Temple congregation of nine hundred and thirteen members committed suicide in Jonestown, located in French Guyana, in 1978, on Jones’ orders (the few who refused to follow these orders were executed, […]

Women’s Groups Speak out Against the Gender Pay Gap

by Jeff Turner, People’s Press Indy On Monday February 11th, Women 4 Change and the Equality Pay$ Indiana Coalition held a Press Conference in the Indiana Statehouse to address the gender pay gap. The subject of the conference was to stress the importance of bills currently in the Indiana General Assembly related to women in […]

Herb Baumeister: The Fiend of Westfield

By Jeff Turner When people hear the term serial killer, they typically think about London’s Jack the Ripper, or Washington State’s Ted Bundy, or Chicago’s John Wayne Gacy, or even Milwaukee’s Jeffrey Dahmer. However many here in the Hoosier State have forgotten Indiana’s own violent, prolific serial killer, whose crimes primarily took place in the […]

Why Voting Matters

By Jeff Turner The midterm elections take place on Tuesday November 6th, and early voting has already commenced here in Indiana. There are even satellite locations available for Hoosier voters this election cycle. Voter participation in midterms is typically abysmal. Indiana ranked dead last (14%) in voter turnout during the 2014 midterms. A great many […]

Brett Kavanaugh Confirmed to Supreme Court

By Jeff Turner Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed today to the Supreme Court, replacing retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy. Kennedy was considered the court’s swing vote, and as a result Democrats and those on the left were vehemently opposed to the nomination. The vote went largely along party lines, 50-48. Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska was the […]

Opinion: Brett Kavanaugh and the Further Polarization of the Electorate

By Jeff Turner Last Thursday’s “Historic Hearing” (as CNN referred to it), where the Senate Judiciary Committee heard sworn testimony from Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, was a new low in American politics. And that says a lot, considering the current occupant of the Oval Office. Senate Republicans and Democrats […]

Senator Donnelly to Vote “No” on Kavanaugh

By Jeff Turner Indiana Senator Joe Donnelly will vote against the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. In a statement released this morning, Donnelly said: “I do not view Supreme Court nominations through a partisan lens, which is why I have used the same thorough process to evaluate nominees regardless of who […]

Indiana-Based College Abruptly Closes

By Jeff Turner Harrison College officially closed its doors on Sunday after 116 years. On Friday September 14th, the college put out a press release. “After 116 years serving Indiana, Ohio, and North Carolina, Harrison College has made the difficult decision to close operations, effective Sunday September 16, 2018, and for the Chef’s Academy Sunday […]

What I Learned from my First KKK Counter-Protest

By Jeff Turner I hate to admit it, but I was actually a bit disappointed with the Klan “rally” in Madison, Indiana, the counter protest that is. I guess I was expecting there to be a bigger turnout, on the Klan’s “side of the fence” that is. The truth is, the Klan nowadays is a […]

SoBro Artist Collective offers alternative to costly Penrod Festival, platform for emerging local talent

“Imagine a miracle and you are half way there.” Such is the perspective of SoBro Artist Collective founder Jeremiah Little on the potential of art to transform society in positive directions. “I was always taught that artists paint the future and that is true. Whether it’s doing a concept piece for a new facility or […]